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Garage Door Spring Repair Chula Vista CA

Garage doors springs are an essential part of your overall garage door system. If the springs stop working, then it’s lights out for your door. Of course, until you fix them.  It may be a case of readjusting the tension or replacing brackets. Also, replacing the springs altogether.  Be that as it may, t is definitely something that do-it-yourselfers shouldn’t tackle. Call us and we’ll take care of your spring issues for you!

Garage Door Spring Repair Chula Vista CA

Springs for your garage door come in 2 different types. One is the garage door extension spring. The second is the garage door torsion spring. Furthermore, the most common of the two is the extension spring. As a matter of fact, you can identify whether your garage door has extension or torsion springs. This is done by locating the springs either above your garage for torsion springs. Otherwise, extension springs are on the sides of the garage door.

That would be step 1 to replacing a spring. After that, finding out the measurements to your garage door is the second. This will help the technician know exactly what kind of spring your garage door will require. Call us today, our professional technicians can solve all your garage door problems today!

New Spring Installation

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

The extension and torsion springs of a garage door are not toys. With this in mind, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  They can inflict great bodily harm.

Malfunctioning springs can drop heavy doors on people and fingers can be crushed between the spring coils.  Trust our trained professionals to install, fix, and maintain your springs, safely. The danger of a spring can not be overstated. They carry all the weight of your garage door allowing for smooth operation. If damaged, they can snap sending debris flying around your garage.

Next, to the garage door itself, the second most important part of your garage door system are the springs.  In effect, the spring produces the necessary force to move your garage door. As a result, they only last for about 30,000 cycles. Because of this, replacing the springs is very common. We also can install brand new springs for your garage door.

Cable Services

garage door cable repair

Just like the rest of your garage door systems, at some point, your cables may become tangled or frayed.  If you’re not on top of the issue, things can go AWOL and the safety of the whole system can be compromised until you do something about it.

Garage door cables are integral to the springs. They help to balance the garage door on the tracks. This, in turn, allows for smooth operation of the garage door. Cables wearing down are very common. They work just as hard as the springs so eventually your cables will also require replacement.

Repairing and replacing cables are among our specialties!  If you suspect that they’re on their way out, call us today!


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