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Gate Repair Chula Vista CA

Why would you bother installing your own residential or commercial gate?  Why would you ever need to repair your own electric gate opener, gate motor, intercom systems, and other gate equipment?  Especially when you can turn to the expert services of  AAA Garage Door in Chula Vista.

Gate Repair Chula Vista CAOur company’s repair technicians are certified, experienced and can save you from all the hassle.  Don’t delay contacting us your questions, or for emergency gate repairs.  Additionally, we’ll send a professional mechanic to your residential or commercial property with two hours of receiving your call, in most cases.

The Services We Provide

Our qualified and experienced technicians will gladly assist you with your automatic gate repair or installation.  We can also craft a custom design gate system for you to meets your needs.

We can take care of any gate related issue, including installing, replacing or fixing…

  • Manual Gates
  • Gate Intercom Systems
  • Automatic Gates
  • Gate Openers
  • Security Gates
  • Gate Sensors
  • Swing Gates
  • And more!

Automatic Gate Repair

automatic gate repairThe main role of an automatic gate is to prevent unauthorized entry to your property. With an automated system, you can be at ease. This is because only the people you have given access to your property will be able to access it. Therefore, failure of an automatic is a security issue. Not to mention, one that you will need to address promptly.

We can service your automatic gate with our 5-star team. Our technicians can install and repair all gate issues that you might be facing. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE.

Slide Gate Repair

slide gate repairCantilevered gates also known as slide gates. Operate by sliding smoothly to allow access.  Also, these gates can open to 120 feet in a double configuration. This means 2 motors work to open both sides of the gate. If your gate is causing headaches or not working properly. Give us a call. We can send a technician to inspect, repair, and install whatever is necessary.

Swing Gate Repair

swing gate repairSwing gates are a perfect option if you don’t have enough room for a cantilevered system. Furthermore, there are many beautiful custom swing gates. Moreover, this allows for you to have exactly what you’d like for your gate system. If your swing gate is not working properly, call us. We have our staff ready 24/7 to assist you in all your swing gate repair needs.

Security Gates Repair

security gate repairSecurity is very important when it comes to gates. After all, that is their main purpose for existing. Compromising your security with an issue can cause panic. Do not fear! Here at Garage Door Repair Chula Vista, we have technicians that specialize in gate repair. Additionally, with their training and equipment, they can service whatever other problem you might have. Your security need be compromised no more! Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your security gate.

Gate Motor Repair

gate motor repairMotors drive cars, navigate boats and now they operate your gate! There are a number of brands to choose from including Door King and Elite. Most gate motors come equipped with entry systems as well. In effect, this allows you to grant access to someone remotely from your gate. Moreover, if your motor or entry system isn’t working properly don’t worry. You also have the specialists at Garage Door Repair Chula Vista that can assist you. Let our 5-star staff show you how they earn those stars. Give us a call so we can add you to our list of satisfied customers!

We Are Affordable and Professional

We are extremely affordable, and we offer online specials as well as limited in-house specials.  Nevertheless, contact us before you make a decision! You’ll be glad you did.

We pride ourselves not only on our gate expertise but also being professional from start to finish. Furthermore, we’re here to make sure you are completely satisfied with experience with us and will do everything in order to make sure we’re your #1 choice when it comes to gate repair and installation. Contact us today!


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