spa date for your garage doorYou love your garage door.  It dutifully opens when you leave in the morning for work, and it closes behind you when you come home at night.  It’s reliable.  Then again, that’s no accident — you make an effort to keep it in working order.

You do light maintenance on your door; regularly lubricating its moving parts, and inspecting it for frayed or worn components.  When there are bigger issues you call a garage technicians to do repairs.  Your one problem, however, is keeping your garage door clean.

Garage Door Cleanliness

Cleanliness has never been your strong suit, but even Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown would be disgusted.  A thick film of grease and dirt covers the outside of your garage door.  The filth is practically caked up.  It’s so grimy that you can take your finger and write Taylor Swift lyrics on it (“…I think I am finally clean…”).

Your garage door’s the eyesore of the neighborhood.  Your know your neighbors gossip about you.  You’re just waiting for the day when the president of the neighborhood association gives you a tongue lashing.  Or when everyone on your street comes to your doorstep with pitchforks and torches.

Yep, it’s about time you did something.  A spa date for your garage door is in order.  Here’s a best practice for how to clean your door.

  1. Gather mild detergent, a bucket of warm water, and a soft brush
  2. Mix the detergent and warm water
  3. Scrub your garage door with the brush and soapsuds
  4. Rinse

A vigorous wash should remove corrosive chemicals and dirt.    As you clean, keep an eye out for springs, hinges, and other parts that need repair.  You should spruce up your garage a few times a year.

This regiment is especially important for wooden garage doors.  Stripping away chemicals and sediment can prevent your garage door from warping, which can inhibit its function.

Painting your wooden garage door can also help maintain it.  Using paint, stains, or sealers on both the inside and outside of your door can prevent moisture from seeping into the wood, which can warp it.